Tattoo Screening Form

Reference.  Memorandum, (ARNG-HRR), subject: SMOM 18-055, Updated Guidance for Requesting an Exception to Policy for Tattoo(s) and Age. The tattoo screening form is no longer a required document for enlistment or waiver purposes. Recruiters who have applicants with tattoos will list all tattoos in the applicant’s profile within ARISS. MEPS GCs will verify the tattoos

MOS 35N, 35P, 35Q, 35S

Effective 29 October 2018, USAREC Security Assistance and Linda Snyder will be disapproving any applicant for MOS 35N, 35P, 35Q, 35S if they were born in the countries listed in paragraph 3 of the published Department of the Army memorandum –

SLRP Contracts

Effective 20181026 until further notice – Flash Message in REQUEST.  Due to recent SMMS server failure, pre-approval documents for SLRP is not able to be produced. Therefore applicants may contract for the incentive IAW with SRIP minus pre-approval. States may institute own internal policies.  End of message.

SMMS Offline

Update 19 December 2018 The ARNG anticipates restoration and full functionality of GIMS by the end of January 2019. Update 30 October 2018 a. On 25 October, the chillers used to cool the Pentagon’s Joint Support Provider (JSP) environment failed causing failure of the storage array. Approximately 400 tenant servers were affected, this included a near