Update 19 December 2018

The ARNG anticipates restoration and full functionality of GIMS by the end of January 2019.

Update 30 October 2018

a. On 25 October, the chillers used to cool the Pentagon’s Joint Support Provider (JSP) environment failed causing failure of the storage array. Approximately 400 tenant servers were affected, this included a near total loss of SMMS storage array. The estimated time to rebuild SMMS is estimated at 40 days while the servers are rebuilt and the database is reloaded and verified.

b. JSP restored minimal capability in the environment which enabled the contractor to regain access to the virtual machine (VM) infrastructure. Overnight and throughout today, the contractor configured some of the servers and provisioned the storage of one database. They are currently installing software (Tivoli) necessary to begin moving files from backup to the new environment. The strategy is to establish the data transfer, which is the longest step in the process, while the team brings additional web and application servers on-line. An updated restoration timeline will be available as soon as the data transfer rate can be measured.

c. A significant impact to operations is expected for users. All SMMS modules are effected. A few examples of the impact are listed below with additional details of all SMMS modules to be published tomorrow.

1) Guard Incentive Management System (GIMS) – States are unable to establish incentive contracts for current and transitioning Soldiers. On average, ~1,300 Soldier payment actions are processed to DFAS per month. There is no manual process to pay Soldiers.

2) Lead transfers – Leads gathered from 1-800-GO-GUARD, nationalguard.com, and the vendor are unable to transfer into ARISS for recruiter action. Alternatives are being explored to transfer leads.

3) Automated Unit Vacancy System (AUVS) – States are unable to populate new vacancies in REQUEST and RETAIN automatically. Manual processes are in place.

4) Personnel Accreditation Selection System (PASS) – States are experiencing delays in processing Position of Significant Trust and Authority (POSTA) requests; causing lags in hiring recruiters and RSP cadre. Manual processes are in place.

5) Document Repository (VULCAN) - TRADOC ARNG Liaison NCOs and Training Site Support Specialists are unable to access Soldier records at training sites; delaying administrative actions from enlistment through the conclusion of Initial Entry Training. Manual processes are in place.

6) Retention Management System (RMS) – States are unable to automatically identify retention eligible Soldiers and systematically qualify them for contract incentives and generate DA Form 4836s. Manual processes are in place but no payments can be made until GIMS is restored.

d. Due to the data exchange and system agreements between the Reserve Component Manpower System (RCMS), SMMS and external partners, an unknown number of features in RCMS may also be affected.

e. Though the nature of the failure limits the recovery options, alternate courses of action are being explored with the help of ARNG G6, JSP staff, and the contractor.