14 June 2021

This website is no longer supported. It has not been updated for the FY21/22 AOC.

MSG(R) Richard Platt



a. HRR Form 800 College First Statement of Understanding
b. NGB Form 901 College Enrollment Verification

9-22. ARNG College First Enlistment Option (IAW AOC)
The Army National Guard College First (NGCF) enlistment option provides Non-Prior Service (NPS) applicants the opportunity to serve in the ARNG and complete up to two years of full-time education. Applicants that enlist under this option may be stabilized for up to 24 months upon completion of Initial Entry Training (IET) and reporting Duty Military Occupational Specialty Qualified (DMOSQ) to the unit of assignment.

a. Application.
This policy applies to NPS applicants only. This policy does not apply to anyone enlisting under the 09S or 09R enlistment option. Soldiers who have enlisted and have not shipped to training are not authorized to renegotiate (RENO) their contract for this option.

b. Implementation.

(1) Due to the stabilization element of the NGCF option, each State may elect to not offer this option to eligible applicants.
(2) The TAG of each State is the ultimate authority for the development and implementation of the State Strength Maintenance programs. States may elect not to offer this option to eligible applicants. If a State elects to opt into the Enlistment Option, they are responsible for publishing their own stabilization guidance.

c. Eligibility.
To be eligible for the NGCF enlistment option, applicants must:

(1) Be a Non-Prior Service High School Senior (HSSR}, High School Diploma Graduate (HSDG), or a HSDG equivalent.
(2) Meet enlistment eligibility criteria as stated in AR 601-210 and the current FY ARNG Accession Options Criteria (AOC).
(3) Have an AFQT of 50 (CAT 1-IIIA) or higher on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB).
(4) Enlist on a 6x2 or 8x0 contract.
(5) Complete IET using the standard training path and report DMOSQ to the unit of assignment (Split or alternate training is not authorized.)
(6) Be accepted as a resident or online student (full-time) to a college or university that is accredited by the U.S. Department of Education within 180 days of reporting DMOSQ.

d. Processing.

(1) If enlisting and currently enrolled in a college or university, the NGB Form 901 is required and will be uploaded into the applicant's electronic record (ERM) by the RRNCO.
(2) If enlisting and currently attending a resident or online college or university, a NGB Form 901 is required along with a current transcript. These documents will be uploaded into the applicant's ERM by the RRNCO.
(3) The GC will process applicants by selecting the code "TH" (College First ARNG Duty) in the available recruiting test programs drop down box. The MEPS GCs must verify with the Recruiting Operations Center (ROC), which states have opted into the Enlistment Option.
(4) Upon verification of a letter of acceptance, NGB Form 901 (if applicable) and current college transcript (if applicable), the GC will ensure the following comment is annotated on the DA Form 1966 remarks "I understand I am enlisting in the College First Enlistment Option."
(5) The MEPS GC is responsible for explaining NGCF requirements and benefits outlined in the Guard Annex. The completed form will be uploaded into the applicant's record.
(6) SIDPERS States: States who have not migrated to IPPS-A will track your College First applicants in SIDPERS. Any technical issues or questions can be directed to ARNG Human Resources Personnel - Systems (ARNG-HRP-S).
(7) IPPS-A States: States who are currently live in IPPS-A will manually track your College First applicants. ARNG/IPPS-A will provide coding requirements to accommodate these Soldiers in the IPPS-A system. Any technical issues or questions can be directed to ARNG Human Resources Personnel - Systems (ARNG-MRP-S).

e. Restrictions.
In order to maintain eligibility in the program, the Soldier must:

(1) Remain an active participant in an ARNG unit, be in good standing, and not currently suspended of favorable personnel action for any reason.
(2) Not receive a grade point average (GPA) below 2.0 for any two consecutive semesters.
(3) Provide the assigned unit an "Official" transcript within 30 days of the end of each semester. This will be used to validate full-time status and GPA.
(4) Not be discharged or separate from the Selected Reserve.
(5) Not fail two consecutive APFT, two consecutive ACFT, or two consecutive Body Fat screening.
(6) If a NGCF Soldier elects to enter the Inactive National Guard (ING), the Soldier will be removed from the NGCF program. The Soldier will not be eligible to continue the NGCF upon return from the ING.

f. Mobilization/Activation.

(1) Due to the stabilization element of the NGCF option, each State may elect to not offer this option to eligible applicants.
(2) Soldiers, who volunteer for mobilization or State Active Duty (SAD), waive their NGCF stabilization period.
(3) Soldiers who enlist under the NGCF option may be mobilized at the commander's discretion for any Domestic Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA} mission. The Soldier may be eligible to continue the NGCF option upon completion of the mission.

g. Incentives.
NGCF applicants are eligible for ARNG incentives provided they meet criteria outlined in the current ARNG Selected Reserve Incentive Program (SRIP) guidance.

h. Tracking.

(1) Transcripts are required and must be provided to the company/battery/troop commander stating the Soldier is enrolled as a full time student before each semester. A full-time student is defined as enrolled in twelve (12) or more credits per semester or nine (9) or more credits per quarter.
(2) States are responsible for tracking the stabilization period of NGCF enlistments and ensuring they meet the criteria to remain in a non-deployable status. The stabilization start and projected end dates will be annotated. States will maintain a roster of all NGCF Soldiers within their State to ensure these Soldiers are not included on the mobilization lists during the stabilization period.
(3) States who are currently live in IPPS-A will manually track the National Guard College First program until the option is available in IPPS-A.

i. Removal Process.
If the Soldier fails to maintain eligibility for this option, commanders will notify the Soldier, in writing, of the disqualifying reason(s). The memorandum will include the basis of disqualification and the effective date of removal. A copy of the memorandum will be provided to the Soldier and uploaded into their iPerms. The effective date of removal will be recorded and tracked as outlined above. Soldier will be returned to state no longer under the College First Enlistment Option.

Note: SMs who are scheduled for training and subsequently enroll in college in which the semester begins prior to the ship date will be held to their ship date and required to postpone their college start date.