14 June 2021

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MSG(R) Richard Platt


Enlistment Waivers 
Army Review Board 
Administrative Separations
Prior Service RE-4 
Bar to Reenlistment
SPD Codes
SPD Codes Fully Eligible
Military Punishment
Prior Service Records
Army Discharge Orders
SMOM 20-054
PPOM 16-019
AR 135-178
NGR 600-200 Table 6-1
AR 601-210 Para 4-24b
AR 601-210 Para 4-13
AR 635-5-1
AR 601-210 Para 3-21/3-22
AR 601-210 Para 4-12c
SMOM 18-031 
ASO Guidance
1.Alcohol Rehabilitation Failure *AR 601-210 Para. 4-236
2.Alcoholism/Alcohol Abuse *AR 601-210 Para. 4-236
3.Attend School (includes police school and Officer Training Program)-----
AR 601-210 Para. 3-21
4.Completion of Required Active Service (includes: Expiration of Active Service, Expiration Term of Service LBK, MBK, KBK, JBK, ETC, CE, or any code indicating ETS) See Note for RE-3----
AR 601-210 Para. 3-22
1, 17
5.Condition, not a disabilityARNG-HRR9, 12
6.Conscientious ObjectorAR 601-210 Para. 4-236
7.Convenience of the GovernmentARNG-HRR3, 12
8.Court Martial *6
9.Defective Enlistment AgreementTAG
AR 601-210 Para. 4-13
AR 601-210 Para. 4-13
7, 8
11.Desertion/Dropped from Roll *AR 601-210 Para. 4-236
12.Disability (Temporary, Permanent, Aggravation, Severance Pay, Not in Line of Duty) (When associated with behavioral health, DMPM)ARNG-HRR9, 12
13.Disability (Existed Prior to Service, Physical Evaluation Board)ARNG-HRR9, 12
14.Drug abuse (Includes RSP Soldiers & applicants flagged at the time of discharge and/or barred from continued service)AR 601-210 Para. 4-236
15.Drug Rehabilitation Failure *AR 601-210 Para. 4-236
16.MEPS DAT (See AOC Table 4-1), 90 day wait with negative results 
Note: RSP DAT Positive - Refer to PPOM 18-015 RSP Drug Testing
TAG12, 15
17.a. Entry Level SeparationARNG-HRR3, 9, 12, 16
 b. Entry Level Performance and ConductARNG-HRR3, 9, 12
18.Early Release - Discontinuance of Active Duty (includes: Holiday Early Release Program)----
AR 601-210 Para. 3-21
19.Early Release - Insufficient Retainability, Special Separation Benefit, or Voluntary Separation Incentives----
AR 601-210 Para. 3-21
20.Early Release - Seasonal Employment and Incompatible OccupationTAG7
21.Erroneous EntryARNG-HRR2, 9, 12
22.Failure to Complete IADT within 24 months (if never shipped to any AD then only a suitability is required)ARNG-HRR3, 9, 12, 16
23.Failure to meet medical procurement standards (excludes for Drug Abuse, see Line 13) (When associated with behavioral health, DMPM)ARNG-HRR9, 12
24.Failure to Report to Gaining State upon Interstate Transfer (includes: IRR no-show)TAG2
25.Failure to Report to IADT----
AR 601-210 Para. 3-21
1, 2, 12, 16
26.Fraudulent Entry *ARNG-HRR3, 9, 12
27.Hardship (including discharges for unreasonable commuting distance)TAG
AR 601-210 Para. 4-13
2, 7
28.Homosexuality ----1
29.In Lieu of Trial by Court Martial * (includes: For the Good of the Service)ARNG-HRR
AR 601-210 Para. 4-13
5, 9, 12
30.MarriageTAG7, 8
31.Medically Unfit for Retention (When associated with behavioral health, DMPM)ARNG-HRR9, 12
32.Misconduct (Any Type) to include Patterns of Misconduct * (excludes separation for Drug Abuse, see Line 13)
Note: Refer to SMOM 20-054 Para 6
ARNG-HRR5, 9, 12, 13
33.Non-Retention on Active Duty (RE-3) ----2, 9, 12
34.Non-Retention on Active Duty (RE-1)----1
35.Non-Selection, permanent promotion (officer two time non-select)ARNG-HRR2, 9, 12
AR 601-210 Para. 4-13
7, 8
37.Physical Condition (includes: "Physical Condition not a Disability")ARNG-HRR9, 12
38.Physical StandardsARNG-HRR12
39.Pregnancy (Childbirth)TAG
AR 601-210 Para. 4-23
40.Personality Disorder (includes: Character, Adjustment, or Behavior Disorder)DMPM 5, 9, 12
41.Reduction in Force (includes Reduction in Auth. Strength) SPD Code JCC only; KCC, LCC and MCC no waiver requiredTAG
AR 601-210 Para. 4-13
42.Retirement, Active Duty (Voluntary, Sufficient Service)AR 601-210 Para. 4-236
43.Retirement, Reserve ComponentARNG-HRR12
44.Secretarial Authority ----12
45.Sole Surviving Son or DaughterTAG
AR 601-210 Para. 4-20
46.a. Unsatisfactory Participation (RC) * (applicant is in IRR)TAG
AR 601-210 Para 4-16
b. Unsatisfactory Participation (RC) * (applicant has been discharged)TAG
AR 601-210 Para 4-16
47.Unsatisfactory PerformanceARNG-HRR
AR 601-210 Para. 4-13
5, 9, 11, 12
48.Unsuitability *ARNG-HRR
AR 601-210 Para. 4-13
5, 9, 11, 12
49.Weight-Control FailureTAG
AR 601-210 Para. 4-13
50.General under honorable conditions for reasons not covered aboveARNG-HRR
AR 601-210 Para. 4-13
5, 9, 11, 12
51.Other Than Honorable, Bad Conduct, or Dishonorable Character of Service or who were discharged as a result of a Qualitative Management Program (i.e. QRB/SRB) (RE-4 from Army Component)Non-Waivable
AR 601-210 Para. 4-23
AWOL - Absent without leave or lost time
52.5 days or lessTAG
AR 601-210 Para. 4-14
53.6 - 30 daysARNG-HRR
AR 601-210 Para. 4-14
5, 12
54.31 or more consecutive daysNon-Waivable
AR 601-210 Para. 4-23
DISQUALIFYING REENTRY CODES - AR 601-210 Table 3-1 thru 3-4
55.Any RE Codes requiring a waiver not otherwise covered may not process until 90 days have elapsed from separation date. Approval authority is ARNG-HRR (AR 601-210, para 4-13). Note: Requires suitability review.
56.HardshipTAG2, 7
57.Failure to complete military education courseARNG-HRR9, 12

1. Eligible for enlistment.
2. No waiting period is required to process a waiver.
3. Six (6) month waiting requirement from date of discharge/separation from military service.
4. Twelve (12) month waiting requirement from date of discharge/separation from military service.
5. Twenty four (24) month waiting requirement from date of discharge/separation from military service.
6. Ineligible for enlistment - no waiver authorized.
7. Applicant must provide evidence that hardship or conflict was resolved or no longer exists.
8. Applicant may require an approved Family Care Plan (FCP) prior to submission of the waiver if they are a single parent or if their spouse is a member of the Armed Services (active or reserve).
9. Must submit a discharge packet validating Separation Program Designator (SPD), to include all board procedures.
10. See Waiver Suspensions at top of page.
11. The following SPD codes do not require a waiver: BRA/JRA, BRB/JRB, BRC/JRC.
12. Suitability Review required.
13. All applicants who have EVER received any Misconduct discharge must have a suitability review by NGB, HRR-O (ASO).
14. All waiver authorities and waiting periods listed in this table supersede those listed in AR 601-210.
15. Pre accession DAT discharges may be considered 90 days after date of discharge. Positive urinalysis from a Unit/TPU are not eligible for waiver consideration. Note: Refer to PPOM 18-015 RSP Drug Testing.
16. Waiver not required if applicant was enlisted into the reserve component and never shipped to ADT.
17. Completion of required active service with RE-3 is fully eligible to enlist. NGB 22s that annotate Soldier was flagged for APFT or weight control failure can be waived by the TAG.

" * " = Unfavorable Separation/Discharge
"----" = Enlistment waiver is not required