14 June 2021

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MSG(R) Richard Platt



FLRI enlistments are only authorized in the first two quarters of the Fiscal Year.

a. SMOM 21-016 Processing CAT IV-A and Foreign Language Recruiting Initiative (FLRI) Enlistment Option
b. AR 621-8 Managing the Defense English Language Program

9-21. Foreign Language Recruiting Initiative (FLRI) (IAW AOC)
The FLRI 09C enlistment option is authorized for all ARNG RRBs. In order to fully maximize the FLRI and its utility to the ARNG, it will be open to anyone for whom English is a second language.

a. Authorization. All FLRI enlistments are only authorized in the first two quarters of the fiscal year.This is to allow enough time for the FLRI candidate to complete English language training and retest on the AFCT, to minimize the impact of CAT IV enlistments within a fiscal year on other programs.

b. Eligibility.

(1) Be a high school diploma graduate.
(2) Be a non-prior service applicant.
(3) Attain an Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) score of 21-30 on the ASVAB with a qualifying line score of 54 in the AO subtest. Applicants with a 31 AFQT or higher will be enlisted for any program they qualify for, to include those applicants required to attend ESL training. If the individual took the SASVAB (School ASVAB Version), they must retest at the MEPS utilizing the CAT ASVAB. Mobile Examination Test (MET) Sites are not authorized for FLRI applicants. It is not authorized to grant an exception to the AO raw score.
(4) Must take the TAPAS but are not required to achieve a passing score.
(5) Achieve a score between 40 and 74 on the English Comprehension Language Test (ECLT) or American Language Course Placement Test (ALCPT) at the MEPS. The ASO can grant an ETP for up to 5 points to meet the minimum of 40 points on the ECLT. Applicants are not authorized to retake the ECLT to lower their score to qualify for the FLRI program.
(6) Be assigned to the State JFHQ in an excess position until completion of English as a Second Language (ESL) training, retesting, and renegotiation of MOS and unit.

c.FLRI applicants will be informed of the following -

(1) Soldier will not initially be guaranteed training in any specific MOS/CMF.
(2) Soldier will not initially be guaranteed an assignment to any specific station, unit, command, or area.
(3) Soldiers will be required to attend the ESL Program at Lackland AFB, TX for up to 30 weeks based on current ECLT score.
(4) All applicants whose primary language is not English will access as MOS 09C1L00YY and in process Reception Battalion at Fort Sill, OK prior to attending ESL at Lackland AFB, TX. The GC will ensure that all FLRI applicants accessing under the FLRI option reflects RECBN at Fort Sill, OK.

d.Personnel management upon ESL Program completion.

(1) Soldier will be administered the ECLT or the ALCPT upon completion of ESL Program. Soldiers scoring 75 or greater, will be required to take the Armed Forces Classification Test (AFCT). If the Soldier fails to attain the required score of 75 or better on the ECLT, the individual will be separated from the Army National Guard as an entry-level separation, regardless of AFQT and aptitude area scores. Telephonic waivers to this rule will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by ARNG-HRR-O for Soldiers scoring 70-74.
(2) The resulting scores from the AFCT will become the scores of record from which qualifications for training and enlistment programs will be determined. If an AFCT of at least 21 is not obtained with at least one qualifying aptitude area score, the Soldier will be assigned an MOS and enlistment program based on their initial ASVAB score.
(3) Soldiers failing to qualify for an MOS will be discharged.
(4) Soldiers discharged from the FLRI program, regardless of reason, will not be eligible to re-enter the FLRI program. These applicants will be considered GNPS.
(5) RENOs will be managed through the LNO and coordinated with the RRB.