14 June 2021

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MSG(R) Richard Platt



a. USMEPCOM Reg 40-1 Medical Qualification Program
b. USMEPCOM Reg 601-23 Enlistment Processing
c. USMEPCOM Reg 611-1 Enlistment Qualification Tests
d. DoD Manual 1145-02 MEPS
e. AR 40-501 Standards of Medical Fitness
f. Completing USMEPCOM Form 680-3A-E
g. USMEPCOM Medical Prescreen SOP
h. ARNG MEPS Processing Guide
i. SMOM 21-023 REAL ID

6-1.  General
This chapter provides policy and guidance for those functions that are administered at MEPS by USMEPCOM personnel and guidance counselors.

6-1.  General (IAW AOC)
Applicants processing at MEPS are required to present an authorized photo identification (ID) for initial enrollment, check-in/out of the contract lodging facility, aptitude testing, and check-in for a consultation appointment. See Appendix G for more details, including Table G-1 for a list of the authorized photographic identifications and Figure G-1 for examples.

6-2.  Prior Service individuals physically examined outside the Military Entrance Processing Station
Physical examination outside of the MEPS system is not authorized (except in authorized overseas locations).

IAW AOC Para 6-2. MEPS Guidance Counselors will validate source documents and ensure approved suitability review is completed prior to projection for enlistment.

a. Applicants will receive orientation on processing to be done at the MEPS.
b. The ASVAB tests will be administered. Persons giving tests and recording test scores will be cautioned to compute and record test designations, test scores, and aptitude area scores with the utmost care. Specific directions to give and score tests are in manuals that accompany the tests. Instructions on administering tests are given in AR 611-5 and will be strictly followed.
c. Required medical examinations will be provided.
d. Medically and mentally tested applicants will be directed to the guidance counselor for final counseling and interview. The following MEPS records will be available to the guidance counselor:

(1) MEPS medical examination documents.
(2) Latest USMEPCOM authorized document.
(3) Other documents or records for final decision on acceptability.


6-4.  General
This section prescribes-
a. Duties of the guidance counselor.
b. Procedures to be followed in the enlistment process.

6-4. MEPS Guidance Counselors (IAW AOC)
MEPS GCs will process all enlistments as outlined in ARNG Strength Maintenance MEPS Processing Policy. For the most current ARNG Strength Maintenance MEPS Processing policy, see:

6-5.  Procedures applicable to the ARNG
Procedures below apply to the ARNG. The guidance counselor will-
a. Notify the recruiting company concerned via Army Recruiting Information Support System of results of medical and mental tests and any other pertinent data on all applicants processing.
b. Review with applicant DD Form 1966, SF 86, and supporting documents for errors or missing data, and making corrections where applicable. On the DD Form 1966, ensure that all applicants complete block 13, indicating whether they speak up to two foreign languages. Those applicants who speak more than two languages should list the additional languages in the remarks section.
c. Verify applicant’s eligibility for enlistment per this criteria.
d. Advise rejected applicant of reemployment rights as outlined in this criteria.
e. Access REQUEST to determine options available.
f. Use MOS video segments applicable to MOS and option for counseling all applicants on their enlistment options. The use of MOS video is mandatory.
g. Counsel applicants who failed to meet specific qualifications for MOS, options, and assignments, for which they applied; advise them of all other available options that would still meet the applicant’s needs, wants, and desires as well as the needs of the U.S. Army.
h. Verify, by school transcript, successful high school course completion when it is required for entry into a specific MOS. For example, check to see whether applicant has completed and scored the appropriate grade in algebra, biology, or chemistry. Applicant must provide proof of grade in course required by MOS and grade must meet appropriate requirements.
i. Advise all applicants that enlistment automatically requires them to qualify with basic weapons.
j. Ensure resident aliens are not processed for any MOS, training, or assignment requiring a security clearance, except as provided for in AR 380-67.
k. Review the enlistment Annex for ARNG. Initiate and review forms with applicant. This review is an important part of the enlistment process. The statements, completed correctly, prevent the possibility of erroneous enlistment, broken enlistment commitments, and misunderstanding on entitlements, assignments, and other matters relating to the enlistment agreement. The counselor ensures that statements for enlistment entered in the above document and in the DD Form 1966, Remarks section, when applicable, accurately reflect enlistment commitment.
l. Question applicants to be sure they understand their enlistment commitments. Applicants will be advised that no provision exists to request or except voluntary discharge before normal completion of their enlistment commitment, other than for hardship, dependency, or compassionate reasons.
m. Counsel applicants that-

(1) The Army does not tolerate the use of marijuana or harmful or habit forming chemicals or drugs.
(2) In-Service use may be punished under the UCMJ.

n. Advise applicants that some MOSs will require completion of a specified course of instruction as a prerequisite before entering training for the MOS for which they are enlisting.
o. Give all applicants a final and thorough counseling. This counseling should eliminate any misunderstanding of enlistment promises.
p. The MEPS guidance counselor must examine all source documents for discernible evidence of tampering or alteration and to ensure the documents are legible. If the document in electronic record management is not legible, the guidance counselor must ensure a legible copy of the document is uploaded into electronic records management prior to enlistment into the Selected Reserve.
q. Ensure that applicants enlisting for any MOS, option, or assignment that requires security clearance, as outlined in the MOS SMART Book at https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-159575, are processed by the USAREC security interviewer. USAREC security interviewer must verify PS applicants hold the required security clearance for the desired enlistment MOS.
r.For applicants requiring special extensive processing after MEPS mental or physical examination (for example, OCS or WOFT board, flight physical, band audition, or waivers)-

(1) Determine MEPS test and physical results and inform applicant of these results.
(2) Refer applicant back to recruiter and dismiss them from the MEPS.

s. Notify RC units, when former members are discharged or released for enlistment into the RA or USAR per paragraph 5-24.
t. Ensure that DD Form 1966 is validated at enlistment and prior to ship.
u. If an applicant enlists for an MOS that is annotated on REQUEST as a Force Modernization MOS, ensure that the following statement is added to the applicant’s DD Form 1966, remarks section: “I am aware that the MOS for which I am enlisting requires training on equipment currently in the developmental stage, which may not be available. If this situation arises at completion of basic training, I understand that I will receive training in an alternate MOS within the same career management field.”
v. Counsel applicant on the benefits of the Veteran’s Educational Assistance Act of 1984 (MGIB). Ensure applicant completes statement on enlistment annex for Educational Incentive Programs for which contracting. Ensure applicant’s higher educational loan(s) qualify for loan repayment if selecting the Loan Repayment Program (LRP) option.
w. Ensure all applicants who speak English as a second language and who still experience difficulty in conversing in and understanding English are properly identified and take the ECLT. The American Language Comprehension Placement Test may be substituted when the ECLT is not available.  Scores outlined for ECLT will apply for the American Language Comprehension Placement Test.

(1) The guidance counselor will inform those applicants who score 74 or below on ECLT that they will receive English training at the Defense Language Institute, English Language Center. Those scoring 40-74 will have no additional requirements beyond those normally placed upon any other applicant in the same TSC.

(2) The guidance counselor will inform applicants that they must achieve a minimum ECLT score of 75 (applicants scoring below 75 must be scheduled for English as a second language training prior to BCT). Chief, mission support commander, or designated representative at the Defense Language Institute English Language Center, Lackland Air Force Base, may grant exceptions as appropriate for Soldiers that score 70 to 74 and score a 1 plus in comprehension and 1 in speaking on the oral presentation interview.

x. Advise all enlistees of the importance of wearing eyeglasses to and during training. Counselor will discourage enlistees from the use of contact lenses, because the training environment is not conducive to the use of contact lenses.
y. Advise applicants that it is their duty to establish and maintain an account with a U.S. financial institution (such as a bank, savings, and loan institution, or credit union) for the direct receipt of their net pay and allowances while serving in the Army. Further, the counselor will explain that applicants must establish such account in order to execute the appropriate forms at the servicing finance office upon arrival at the reception battalion.
z. Review all enlistment forms with the applicant to ensure they are signed by the applicant. The guidance counselor will sign the forms as the witnessing official.

6-7. Procedures applicable to U.S. Army Reserve and Army National Guard only
PS applicants who have not satisfactorily completed a basic training course or AIT will enter on IADT within 180 days. IADT funds and orders will be used to train these personnel (to include glossary NPS). Phase III of the Specialized Training for Army Reserve Readiness Program is also considered a part of IADT. See Accessions Options Criteria (AOC) for ARNG specific programs.

6-8. Vacancies and projected vacancies (IAW AOC)
a. Verify applicant qualifies for vacancy held or requested. Recruiters will ensure each applicant arrives at the MEPS with one held vacancy and two additional alternate projected vacancies. Additional vacancies should reflect career fields that do not have the same security clearance requirements or physical demand category requirements. Recruiters will review the DA Pam 611-21 related to these requirements.
b. ARNG Accessions.

(1) All enlistments will have a valid Vacancy Control Number (VCN) in CLIENT REQUEST when enlisting into a valid position using WEB REQUEST.
(2) Soldiers enlisting from the AC will have a valid VCN in CLIENT REQUEST using RETAIN.
(3) Soldiers enlisting from the Marine to Guard program will request a valid VCN in CLIENT REQUEST by contacting the State AUVS Manager. The State AUVS Manager will close the vacancy in CLIENT REQUEST until the applicant enlist. Enlistment packets will be mailed to the State IST Manager for load into SIDPERS. When the Soldier has been gained into SIDPERS, the State AUVS Manager will delete the vacancy in CLIENT REQUEST.

6-9. Vacancy requirements (IAW AOC)
Recruiters will obtain a valid vacancy control number prior to projection. AUVS managers will ensure
the needs of the organization are being met.

a. Vacancy management.

(1) Vacancies are created using the AUVS software and uploaded into REQUEST daily by State AUVS Managers.
(2) Authorized MOS strength positions are created in AUVS and will not exceed 125%.
(3) Skill level 1 and 2 primary positions are top-loaded and approved by the State AUVS Manger.
(4) Skill level 3 and 4 primary positions are top-loaded and approved by the State AUVS Manager when the positions becomes vacant for over 60 days.

b. Tier Management Score. All applicants, who are eligible and who subsequently elect enlistment options, monetary incentives, incentives for educational benefits, or any combination of these, will be based on Management Tier Score on the VCN in REQUEST. Any manual or overstrength vacancies are not eligible for incentives. Refer to current FY SRIP policy for guidance. Exceptions must be directed to ARNG-HRM-I.

Section III

6-10.  General
This section outlines administrative responsibilities and required actions of USMEPCOM personnel before and after administering the oath of enlistment.

6-11.  Duties of U.S. Military Entrance Processing Command personnel
USMEPCOM personnel will-
a. Ensure that applicants who qualify have proper documents before they are enlisted and sent to their first station.
b. Complete preparation and disposition of required forms and records. To establish enlistment eligibility, applicants often must present personal documents. These will be returned along with discharge certificates, separation reports, and other documents. Copies will be made of those documents needed for processing by the guidance counselor.
c. Prepare DD Form 93 (Record of Emergency Data) in final form. The MEPS will process DD Form 93 under policies and procedures set by USMEPCOM.
d. Conduct pre-enlistment interview fingerprint submission on all accession under policies and procedures set by USMEPCOM.
e. Administer oath of enlistment (see chap 6).
f. Obtain signature on confirmation of oath of enlistment on DD Form 4.
g. Make transportation arrangements (see chap 5, sec V).
h. Send enlistees to proper station. Return rejected applicants to place of tentative acceptance (DD Form 1966, section V).

6-12.  DD Form 1966
The guidance counselor will review and ensure that DD Form 1966 is properly completed and compare all entries to verification documents and SF 86. The final completed DD Form 1966 should be free of errors and must be legible. Counselor will print all entries. See AR 601-210 Table 6-1 for DD Form 1966 instructions.

6-13.  Preparation of DD Form 4
DD Form 4 establishes a legal relationship between the U.S. Government and the enlisted member. Special care will be taken to see that all items are correct, without strikeover.

a. After MEPS personnel complete appropriate section, applicant will be returned to guidance counselor with DD Form 4 for review and signature.
b. After guidance counselor signs and certifies accuracy of all actions taken, and accepts applicant for ARNG enlistment, applicant returns to MEPS for completion of processing and enlistment.
c. After taking oath of enlistment, applicant signs and enlisting officer signs DD Form 4. A copy is then given to the enlistee for personal records.
d. For applicants entering on AD from the DEP, MEPS types in all required data and sends applicant to the
guidance counselor.
e. After taking oath, applicant signs and the enlisting officer signs.

6-14.  Actions before signature on DD Form 4
Before an applicant signs the confirmation of Oath of Enlistment on DD Form 4, the enlisting officer will-

a. Provide an orientation as required by DoD Manual 1145-02.
b. Ensure applicants who have questions about their 8-year military service obligation have all questions answered by the MEPS GC before enlistment.
c. Ensure that no promises have been made to applicants, either direct or implied, that cannot be substantiated by proper regulations. Applicants who have any misunderstanding about the extent of their full enlistment commitment, specific options or ARNG unique benefits will have them explained by the MEPS GC, supported by this regulation.
d. Administer the oath of enlistment.

6-15. Correction of errors on enlistment forms (IAW AOC)
The following procedures are used to correct errors found post-enlistment on forms already distributed-

a. Commander, or designee, may correct minor administrative and typographical errors found after distribution of forms. Complete a DA Form 4187 (Request for Personnel Action) to correct either the DD Form 4 series or DD Form 1966 series. The Soldier must sign the DA Form 4187, which is subsequently forwarded to the State AG.
b. Correcting term of enlistment.

(1) To correct the term of enlistment on the DD Form 4 series when it is other than which both the Soldier and the ARNG intended, the unit commander will forward a correction of enlistment agreement through military channels to the State AG. The request will contain the following data:

(a) Sworn statement by the Soldier and other involved persons. The statement will give circumstances of enlistment.
(b) Evidence to support claim of error in period of enlistment. (For example - DD Form 4 series, DD Form 1966 series, or other applicable documentation.)
(c) Statement from the Soldier indicating that they agree with or consent to the correction of term of enlistment as shown on the DD Form 4 series.

(2) The State AG, or designated representative, will then review the enlistment correction package for accuracy and, if approved, add a memorandum signed by the State G-1 to the Soldier’s file - or if the correction package is not acceptable, will return it to the unit for further work. The DD Form 4 series will be maintained in its original state, should it ever be required as evidence in a legal proceeding.

6-16.  Claims of erroneous entries
Authority to act on claims of erroneous entries on enlistment documents that are not delegated elsewhere in this chapter or in AR 600-8-104 is delegated to Chief, National Guard Bureau, 1411 Jefferson Davis Highway, Arlington, VA 22202-4127, for ARNG. Requests relating to claims of erroneous entries must include a statement signed by the person; attach copies of substantiating documents that will assist in making a decision.

6-17.  Orientation before administration of oath
Before giving the oath of enlistment to an applicant, the enlisting officer will-

a. Explain the UCMJ, Art. 83, to applicant and emphasize the importance of UCMJ with respect to truthful answers to questions on the enlistment forms.
b. Explain to all enlistees the substance of UCMJ, Arts. 85 and 86.
c. Explain to applicant that anything in their record that may prohibit enlistment must be disclosed before the oath is administered. Explain to applicant that if disclosure is made at this time (before the Oath of Enlistment) the worst that can happen is rejection for enlistment.
d. Warn applicant that their fingerprints will be forwarded to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Warn applicant that even though a person may conceal a criminal or juvenile record or PS at time of enlistment, such a record will be discovered later. The applicant will be subject to trial by court-martial for fraudulent enlistment or possible discharge under less-than-honorable conditions.

6-18.  Administration of oath of enlistment
A commissioned officer of any Service will administer the oath of enlistment in DD Form 4 orally, in English, to each applicant. Make a suitable arrangement to ensure that the oath is administered in a dignified manner and in proper surroundings. Display the U.S. flag prominently near the officer giving the oath. The words “So help me God” may be omitted for persons who desire to affirm rather than to swear to the oath.

6-19.  Actions required after administration of the oath
Immediately after the Oath of Enlistment, the enlisting officer will-

a. Require each enlistee to sign DD Form 4.
b. Provide each enlistee with a legible copy of enlistment forms.

6-20.  Predating an enlistment
Except as indicated below, date of enlistment is the actual date the oath of enlistment is given. This date must be shown on the enlistment record above the signature of the officer>who administered the oath. No enlistment will be predated without prior approval. A person’s enlistment may be delayed through no fault of his or her own, but for the
convenience of the Government. Requests to predate the enlistment will be sent to Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1 (DAPE-MPA), 300 Army Pentagon, Washington, DC 20310-0300 for RA, USAR, and ARNG.

 (IAW AOC Appendix G)

G-1. Photo ID Requirement
Applicants processing at MEPS are required to present an authorized photo identification (ID) for initial enrollment, check-in/out of the contract lodging facility, aptitude testing, and check-in for a consultation appointment. See Table G-1 for a list of the authorized photographic identifications and see Figure G-1 for examples.

G-2. Applicants Arriving at MEPS without Authorized Photo ID

Applicants arriving at the MEPS without an authorized photo ID will not process. An Administrative Hold "N" Status will be placed on the applicant's record. The operations section at MEPS will return the applicant to their Guidance Counselor (GC) and no further processing will be permitted until the applicant presents an authorized photo ID.

G-3. MEPS Commander Exception

A MEPS Commander exception is required for any applicant that does not have their ID present for any processing phase. GCs will be responsible for coordination of an authorized photo ID exception. All exception submissions will go through the GC as soon as possible but no later than 24 hours prior to the processing date. The exception must be obtained prior to the applicant’s arrival to the processing location or lodging facility.

Table G-1
Authorized Photographic Identification for MEPS Processing

Driver’s License issued by Department of Motor Vehiclesvalid/unexpired
State photo identity card issued by Department of Motor Vehiclesvalid/unexpired
U.S. Passport Book or Cardexpired or unexpired
Foreign Government-issued Passportexpired or unexpired
U.S. Department of Defense ID; including IDs issued tovalid/unexpired
USCIS Form N-550 (Certificate of Naturalization)original or official copy used by recruiting Service
USCIS Form I-551 (Permanent Resident Card)expired or unexpired
USCIS Form N-560 (Certificate of Citizenship)original or official copy used by recruiting Service
HSPD-12 PIV Card (Smart Card, Common Access Card, etc.)valid/unexpired
DHS Trusted Traveler Cards (Global Entry, NEXUS, SENTRI, FAST)valid/unexpired
U.S. Merchant Mariner Credentialvalid/unexpired
Federally recognized, Tribal-issued Photo IDvalid/unexpired