14 June 2021

This website is no longer supported. It has not been updated for the FY21/22 AOC.

MSG(R) Richard Platt


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Report of Unfavorable Information For Security Determination
Family Care Plan Counseling Checklist
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The Selected Reserve Montgomery GI Bill
Body Fat Content Worksheet Male
Body Fat Content Worksheet Female
Certificate of Acceptance as Guardian or Escort
Power of Attorney
OCS Interview Plan #2
Annual Medical Certificate
Parental Consent
Family Care Plan Preliminary Screening
Record of Disenrollment from Officer Candidate-Type Training
Record of Military Processing
Instructions for Completing DD Form 1966
Privacy Act Statement - Health Care Records
Report of Medical History
Medical Prescreen
Recruit/Trainee Prohibited Activities Acknowledgment
Request for Conditional Release
Police Record Check
Request For Reference
Request for Verification of Birth
Enlistment/Reenlistment Document
Record of Emergency Data
Annex A to DD Form 4
Request for Waiver
Interstate Transfer
SOU of Reserve Obligation and Responsibilities
Civilian Acquired Skills Program Agreement
Simultaneous Membership Program
High School Verification
College Enrollment Verification
Tattoo Screening For Military Entrance
Waiver and Suitability Checklist
Direct Deposit Sign-Up Form
Request Pertaining to Military Records
Questionnaire for National Security Positions
Servicemember's Group Life Insurance
Court Records Report Pg1
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Security Clearance Questionnaire
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Refractive Eye Surgery Worksheet
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Live Scan Consent For Enlistment
College First Enlistment Option Statement of Understanding
Request Exception To Policy For Prior Service Training
MEPS 48-Hour Projection Checklist