14 June 2021

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MSG(R) Richard Platt



a. NGB Form 900 High School Verification Form
b. NGB Form 901 College Enrollment Verification Form
c. SMOM 21-031 Para 9

5-60. Split Training Option (IAW AOC)
The Split Training Option (STO) allows an ARNG Soldier to complete Basic Combat Training (BCT) and Advanced Individual Training (AIT) during two separate training cycles. Soldiers enlisted under this option will be ordered to BCT only, Phase I of IET, and return to the RSP to attend regularly scheduled training assemblies. Within one year of completing

a. Methodology.

(1) Warriors enlisted under this option will be ordered to BCT only, Phase I of IET, and return to the RSP to attend regularly scheduled training assemblies.
(2) Within one year of completing BCT, these Warriors will be ordered to AIT, Phase II of IET, and complete their required MOS training.
(3) Warriors enlisting for STO will remain attached to RSP. They are required to perform all scheduled UTAs between Phase I and II. At the discretion of the RRC and unit Commander, the Soldier may attend Annual Training (AT) between Phase I and II (see AR 135-91).
(4) STO Warriors are not required to retake the OPAT prior to AIT even if the AIT start date is beyond 12 months from the initial OPAT test.
(5) The STO is the only authorized training option for CIHSJR.
(6) The STO is only guaranteed for CIHSJR. Other applicant types listed in subparagraph b (2) may be diverted to standard training.
(7) MEPS personnel must ensure CIHSJR applicants attending (Phase I) BCT only, have their Mandatory Return Date (MRD) annotated on their IET orders. The MRD will be established by the MEPS GC in coordination with NGB Form 900 High School Verification Form. Warriors who complete Phase I training must understand there is no MRD for Phase II and there is the possibility of missing a semester of college.

b. Eligibility. To be eligible to enlist under the STO, applicants will:

(1) Meet the enlistment eligibility standards as outlined in this policy and AR 601-210.
(2) Be classified as a CIHSJR, HSSR, College Student, or considered under the seasonal employment requirements.
(3) Enlist for the 6x2 or 8x0 authorized period of enlistment only.
(4) Enter IET (Phase I) within 270 days of enlistment.
(5) Remain fully eligible through phase 2 ship date.

(a) Phase II shippers are not authorized to ship to an AIT that requires an operator’s/driver’s license if their license will expire during training.
(b) The license must be renewed prior to the Phase II reservation being pulled. GNPS and PS applicants are not eligible for the STO.

c. Authorized training.

(1) The MOSs in Table 5-1 are authorized for STO applicants who are within 270 days of the reception station date.

(a) MOS 12B, 12C, and 31B must adhere to the guidance listed in para 5-60c(3).
(b) Warriors who require renegotiation action must choose a MOS that will fulfill the critical need of the State. Renegotiation into an OSUT MOS will only be completed using the standard training path, even when the Warrior does not require BCT. Renegotiations are completed as outlined in current ARNG Strength Maintenance MEPS Processing policy.

(2) Any MOS which exceeds 15 weeks for AIT will not be considered for STO. Exceptions may be considered for MOS 42R.
(3) MOSs with lesser training dates than what is considered to be normal, or quota sources, will not be considered for STO.
(4) Contract renegotiations for applicants enlisted under this option will not be considered for reasons similar to those associated with a need to attend college.
(5) Applicants that have college enrollment verification (NGB Form 901) for the current or upcoming semester will be scheduled for standard training for the following semester, when training seats are available. When training seats are not available, these applicants will be required to ship as outlined in paragraph 5-59. Exceptions to policy (ETP) will be reviewed and exceptions may be made on a case-by case basis. Requests for ETP will be directed to the Recruiting Operations Branch.

Table 5-1. Authorized MOSs for Split Training Option

11B 11C 12B 12C 12K 12N 12R 12W 13B 13F 13J 13P 13R 15P 19D 19K 27D 31B 36B

42A 42R 56M 68W 74D 88M 89B 91B 91D 91L 92A 92F 92G 92L 92M 92S 92W 92Y