1. Reference.  Memorandum, (ARNG-HRR), subject: SMOM 18-055, Updated Guidance for Requesting an Exception to Policy for Tattoo(s) and Age.
  2. The tattoo screening form is no longer a required document for enlistment or waiver purposes.
  3. Recruiters who have applicants with tattoos will list all tattoos in the applicant’s profile within ARISS. MEPS GCs will verify the tattoos listed in ARISS are listed on the applicant’s physical examination screening results.
  4. Applicants who require an exception to policy will adhere to the guidance as outlined in the reference listed, with exception to the tattoo screening form requirement.
  5. This message is valid until 30 September 2019 or rescinded.
  6. POC for this action is MSG Rory Nelor.  
  7. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-540610.